Like most of the business world, we switched to remote work almost overnight. Although it’s certainly been a big change to go from the office to our couches, we’ve been really grateful to find that a lot of things have stayed the same.

Our company has always been about helping people live their purpose through their careers. In doing so, we also empower organizations with high-performing, purpose-driven teams.

While a lot has changed over the past few weeks…the purpose of our company has not. Many companies have frozen hiring, but there’s also a lot of companies that booming in response to urgent needs.

We may be in our home offices, living rooms, and casual Friday outfits, but we’re still making calls, making placements, and delivering value to these businesses. In fact, we’ve even kicked off a number of new projects.

If you’re like most of us, you share the feeling that you miss things being “normal.” We thought we’d share a couple ways we’re adapting to these strange new circumstances and letting off steam…

Plenty of Video Chats

Even the most introverted of our employees are starting to miss seeing their coworkers and the office banter. Of course, we’re having lots of meetings through video chat and using these tools to coordinate and communicate for work…but we’re also using video just to hang out.

Coffee breaks, joking around, catching up…when everyone is stressed and stuck inside, it feels nice to take some time to connect and chat with coworkers. In fact, several co-workers have even scheduled digital happy hours after 5 to loosen up and wind down the day.

With all our other responsibilities, sometimes we can forget to take time for these conversations, but they’re important to help keep our spirits up and keep connected to our teams.

Family Feud!

We may not have Steve Harvey, but we do play Family Feud every day. Before we went remote, each half of the office would meet up mid-morning to play the game.

We spend a few minutes trying to guess the top answers for random questions like “Name something that people watch out for while jogging” or “Name the top-selling artists of all time.” More often than not, the answers are real head-scratchers but it’s fun all the same.

We’re continuing that tradition through video calls every day at 10:30. Again, it’s just a silly way to let off steam, but we all need that right now!

Beating the Quarantine Blues

This isn’t how any of us planned on spending March…but then again, none of us got a choice here. As a company we’re coming together and doing what we can to stay sane, safe and productive, and so far the transition has been as smooth as we could have hoped.

If you want to get our advice on how to make remote work a success and get the most of your teams through this crazy time, give us a call at 734-432-6300. We are here to help you succeed and lend a hand any way we can!