Retained Search. RPO. Sourcing, contract recruiting, and everything in between. With a wide array of recruiting and research models to choose from, it is no wonder that the average organization becomes overwhelmed.

A few of the models aren’t as effective as they could be today. With stringent models, questionable technology, long term agreements, and oversimplified plans of action, the average search firm simply cannot handle the modern client’s hiring challenges. In a world of modernization and cutting edge hiring tactics, most research and recruiting firms find themselves trapped in the Dark Ages.

What if there’s an organization that could combine these traditional research and recruiting goals with innovative techniques, true quality, and alternative methods? What if there was a single provider of alternative RPO, contract, executive search, and education? Qualigence recently took on that challenge.

Each of which maintains its own search/recruiting/education model. Although separate identities, clients may utilize multiple models in order to meet their full hiring potential. Qualigence Group understands that the client’s needs, the needs of candidates, and the industry are always changing. With various companies and structures to choose from, the alternative methods offered are proven to be effective, current, cost saving and flexible.