Season 7 | Episode 1


For today’s edition of Recruiter Fuel, we sat down with Melissa McLean, sourcing manager here at Qualigence. She walked us through the basics on how different organizations use sourcing as well as the value this service can deliver to recruiting teams. 

Corporate Recruiting Teams Have an Increasing Need for Sourcing Help 

“It’s still a candidate market, we’ve been noticing as of late a lot of clients have been coming to us saying “hey, we have a full recruiting team, but we’re completely swamped right now with internal requisitions that need to be filled. What we need you guys to do is to find us candidates, contact them, see if they’re interested, ask the questions that we want you to ask, and if they’re interested send them on over and then we’ll be ready to interview them. 

“It’s helping them get those warm leads directly to them…we’re just lending them a hand.” 

Sourcing Services Can Be Easily Tailored to Meet a Company’s Unique Needs 

Melissa touched on the general misconception that sourcing is used mainly for high-volume recruiting, or for filling entry level roles. However, she points out that sourcing holds a lot of value for connecting with hard-to-reach candidates and filling niche positions. 

“I think it’s worked really well no matter what the role. Whether that be an entry level position or you’re looking at a director position or higher.” 

Sourcing Can Be Used Effectively for More Than Just High-Volume Positions 

“We’re looking for quality over quantity. For an entry level role, you’ll see a lot more submittals. Whereas that director or senior manager role, you’re going to see 3-5 really good submittals that we’ve already talked to, vetted out, and that they’re interested in the position.” 

“We tend to tailor it to whatever we can for the client. But again we’re still looking for that quality over quantity. Even if we’re talking to a lot people, we’re not going to submit everybody just to submit them.”  

Sourcing Done Right Leads to 3-5% CPH, Even for Difficult, High-Level Roles 

“We’ve had some really great successes…not only entry level positions but those higher-level positions, we’ve gotten such low costs per hire. We’re talking 3-5% CPH for a really difficult, high-level role – which is great. Because ultimately, they got a great amount of candidates to look at, and then their team just went ahead and took them through the interview process and was able to have a really good experience and a good hire.” 

Sourcing Supercharges Your Candidate Funnel for the Future 

“Whether you’re a hiring manager, corporate recruiter, CFO, it not only helps them get a line of candidates, but also gets a candidate interested in a company which they probably didn’t apply for…you have that dialogue with a new set of candidates that they didn’t have before.” 

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