Season 6, Episode 6:

How Does Research and Sourcing Fuel Recruiting?

Here at Qualigence, we talk a lot about research and sourcing…but we haven’t covered these topics much on Recruiter Fuel. In today’s episode, we sat down with Anthony Kiefer, Research Consultant and Justin Lamb, Sourcing Consultant to talk about these processes. We discussed what sourcing and research achieve, as well as how they help streamline the recruiting process.

Sourcing 101

Justin told us that the basic idea behind sourcing is to find qualified candidates, touch base with them, and get them open to talking about the role.

“It’s usually a good idea to ask them what got them into their field that they’re currently in. What inspired you to pursue what you’re currently doing? That’s usually a huge motivator for what they’re going to be looking for in the future, and that’s really something you want to identify right off the bat.”

Research 101

Anthony talked about how research is about finding information on candidates before we even have a conversation with them.

“It’s more so honing in on those skills that exist and where they exist in the market. Having that research knowledge to then build upon an actual candidate pool.”

So How Does Research and Sourcing Help Us Recruit More Efficiently?

Recruitment research is often very helpful for finding a larger number of candidates, accessing candidates that aren’t on social media, or just getting a sense of what talent is (and is not) available. Anthony mentioned that our research team leverages a variety of tools such as SeekOut, Hiretual, X-ray searching, and others.

“Using those methods, you can really just verify what you’re seeing on LinkedIn, or if LinkedIn doesn’t paint the full picture, you can definitely use those methods to give you the full picture…We’re more so arming the recruiters with knowledge and the candidates they need to convert those candidates into potential job hires.”

On the flip side, sourcing is highly-effective for screening candidates quickly, opening up a dialogue, and helping get candidates to be more receptive to an open position. Justin gave us the inside scoop on sourcing:

“Most of the time, candidates are very open to hearing what the opportunity has to offer. The biggest rejection I receive is, “I am not interested in relocation.”

He also mentioned that a good strategy here is to step back and not push them on the opportunity, but give them the idea that relocation is possible. Sourcers should try to communicate that a candidate shouldn’t immediately rule out the opportunity just because it’s in a different location.

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