Season 4, Episode 12:

The Importance of Onboarding

This week on Recruiter Fuel, Steve sat down with one of Qualigence’s newest Marketing employees, Jennifer, and one of our seasoned Recruiters, Andrew, to find out their perspectives on what is important for onboarding new employees.

Onboarding of candidates is a big deal because the first impression is a lasting impression. From a candidate’s perspective, how is it important to you?”

Steve directed the question to Jennifer, who has never been a recruiter and has no recruiting experience. Jennifer felt that having a contact and someone guiding you each step of the way is very helpful. It’s important for onboarding to cover all of the questions a new hire might have as far as who everyone is and where everything is at.

Jennifer hasn’t personally experienced a negative onboarding process, but Steve and Andrew agree that not every organization onboards well. Steve wanted Andrew’s opinion on how important he thinks onboarding is for a company. Andrew said “It’s huge. A lot of candidates want to know what the company is going to do to get them up to speed, wondering if they’re just going to get thrown out there. Having a list of things to check off, a flow of what is going to be accomplished, and how long onboarding is going to take is important. The company needs to follow through with what was said during the interview process.”

“What are some examples of Onboarding gone wrong? “

Andrew shared that he actually had a candidate of his call on their second day because they had no idea what they were doing! The company expected her to just go do her work and was left with no instruction. She was concerned and scared that she might have made the wrong move in her career. Luckily, Andrew was able to call his client and express her concerns, but not everyone is as fortunate to have an outside contact to help them.

“If you were working with a recruiter, what role do you think the recruiter should play in the onboarding of a candidate?”

In Jennifer’s opinion, she said she would want the recruiter to basically say, “Hey, I’m available. This is what I’m prepping you for but if something goes crazy, I’m here. Call me, I can help.” She also thought that following up after a week or two weeks and checking in on how things are going would be very much appreciated. Asking questions like, “How’s it going or are you happy with everything?”

We recently covered a topic on Recruiter Fuel about recruiters that believe once the hiring process is done, they are done.

Steve wanted to know what Andrew thought. “A recruiter with that mentality will never get any referrals” said Andrew. He added, “When you are a recruiter, you are in the business of people and you want a good reputation.” Doing something as little as checking on your candidate after their hire just makes you a good person. Andrew even goes as far as wishing his candidates good luck on their first day.

It’s important for the recruiter to play the role of the mediator between the candidate and client.

Relieve some of the pressure from the candidate for any questions they have. Whether you’re a third-party recruiter or a corporate recruiter, you should be maintaining some type of connection with the candidate. If you’re the one that convinced a candidate to come work at the company and then you aren’t there for support, that’s a problem.

Steve wanted to know what Andrew thinks the percentage of recruiters that don’t follow up with their candidate is. Andrew said it had to be somewhere below fifty percent. He hears a lot of “thank you, no one has ever done that before,” when he checks on his candidates or mediates.

Obviously, no hiring situation is going to be perfect, but that is why the connection with the recruiter is extremely important. Things could go wrong, but it’s the overall experience that plays a huge part in turnover for a new hire’s first year. That little bit of effort makes a BIG difference!

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