Season 5, Episode 7:


This week, Steve sat down again with Dualta Doherty to discuss a wide variety of topics related to recruiting. As the managing director of a recruitment agency specializing in agency recruitment, Dualta is a true “recruiters recruiter” (try saying that ten times fast).

Additionally, Dualta runs a podcast titled Recruiter Abroad where he interviews thought leaders and experts in the industry. Altogether, it’s no surprise that he had plenty of valuable insights for us on recruitment marketing, old school vs modern recruiting practices, and more.

The Role of Media in Recruiting

Right off the bat, Dualta mentioned how he’s working on creating and distributing media for quality lead generation. While he still loves talking to business owners and recruiters on the phone, he’s focusing a little more on quality versus quantity when it comes to leads and sales.

“I don’t want to make 50 calls, I prefer to create [media] that goes out there, it’s distributed on the right channels, with the right data, towards the right people. In return, I get to do the right calls at the right time.”

This is an interesting perspective as it directly contrasts with more traditional approaches to recruiting – which is something we had to ask him about.

Are Old School Recruiters Still Relevant?

Creating media and leveraging technology are great approaches for today’s recruiter. However, many professionals in the field still stick to the traditional methods: making those 50 (often cold) calls every day. These recruiters plan out each and every call, then follow through with tenacity and charm.

Dualta emphasized that these methods have clearly worked and still hold value – but it’s hard to teach a young millennial old tricks! In other words, Steve and Dualta both agreed that some of the training and skills required for traditional recruiting techniques would be hard to pick up for the average millennial.

“I think in an ideal world, you want to probably get closer to what Joe Mullings did: the company takes care of the media, they build the brand around the most senior people, they distribute that the right way, they have an ROI on it, and that focuses the proper leads to the recruiters to be on the phones and do that. I think there’s a place for both – I’m definitely not advocating that everyone should work like me – but probably most people should be thinking like Joe Mullings is.”

Agency vs. Internal Recruiters

The discussion then turned to the difference between agency recruiters and internal recruiters.

“They’re different people…When I was working for Robert Walters, I could spot the person who would come in the door and I knew they’d be gone in a month, they were just there to bide their time until they got that internal recruitment job.”

Dualta elaborated on the unique traits of each type of recruiter.

“A good agency recruiter, they need to be able to join all those dots together, they need to like that commercial side, they need to not be afraid of the sales piece…where a good internal recruiter could probably be a bit more administration-focused, better soft influencing skills with coordinating senior execs and all the rest.”

Dualta clarified that he didn’t think one was better than the other – just that they were different. Ultimately, he believes it all comes down to being more commercial-oriented or service-oriented.

How Do You Find Good Placements for Recruitment Agencies?

When asked about his strategy for finding recruiters who will fit the culture, Dualta shared his process.

“We work with [UK-owned] recruitment firms…specifically, we grab 360 recruiters in their first three years, and we make sure they don’t have more than two jobs on their resume…if they’re working for Hays, or one of the big boys in the UK in London, we offer them a job in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sidney, LA, and we’ll probably put them into somewhere slightly similar.”

Overall, his process focuses on ensuring someone will be a good fit for the position in terms of culture and the natural progression of their career.

“It might have a few differences, might be a faster-growing company and all the rest, but we try and keep a similar profile to that…we don’t do people who have been in the industry for 1,000 years who won’t fit the culture of a scalable recruitment firm, and that works.”

British Invasion, Round Two?

Last but not least, Steve asked for Dualta’s thoughts on the number of small recruiting agencies closing their doors in the midst of an excellent market.

“I’m seeing exponential growth…because our network is UK-scaleable businesses, they’re jumping into America, and they are hoovering up market share…and they’re able to do it at a much faster rate than their American competitors, because there is still a culture of breeding good agency recruiters in the UK…”

What’s so special about recruiters from the UK? Tune in next week to find out…

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