Season 6| Episode 12

Recruiting for niche roles

Recruiting for niche roles can be difficult – especially in the tech industry where candidates are in high demand. We sat down with Francesca Tuzzolino, our new recruiting director to learn more about her tips for handling tough searches. 

.net developers – Some of the Trickiest Roles to Fill

“What made it unique was not only did I need to find a .net developer with a specific niche product line, but also somebody that had a consultative approach. Someone that would be comfortable with interfacing with the clients, because my client was a consulting organization. They needed somebody that would be able to interface with their clients and be a good developer.” 

“Finding a .net developer with a specific niche product line, and then finding someone consultative that doesn’t mind speaking with clients and interfacing with clients, was challenging.” 

How Did Your Approach Lead to a Successful Long-Term Hire?

Francesca talked about going directly to the hiring manager to talk about the role. 

“I was able to set up a conference call with the client and be able to speak to the hiring manager directly…I was able to break down, “ok, I have this list of skill sets that you want…what’s required? What do you need? What’s necessary for you for this role? And what are your preferred skills? What’s the preferred experience that you’re looking for? And then I ask questions like, what companies have they hired employees from that’s been successful? Who are their competitors?” 

“Being able to get a more in-depth understanding of the role…not only the role but the team and the culture. And understanding how a consulting business is different from the corporate side.” 

Digging Deeper 

Francesca also talked about how sometimes you have to recalibrate your approach based on how the search is going.

“Can you give me some questions to help me identify those candidates that truly be qualified versus not qualified? Because I’m not a .net developer, and in the beginning there were some candidates that I was submitting that didn’t necessarily have the right skill set. He was nice enough to give me 2 questions to ask that I incorporated into my screening and discussions with my candidates.” 

Furthermore, Francesca talked about assessing their communication skills with herself over the phone. That helped zero in on who would make for a good consultant on top of being a strong developer. Eventually, she submitted a candidate with the right foundational skills but needed some training on the product line. However, he’s now been with the company for over 10 years!

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