On July 26th, 2019, Qualigence celebrated its 20th anniversary. 

To put things in perspective, here are some facts about July of 1999: 

American Pie was crushing it at the box office… 

The Backstreet Boys were ruling the airwaves with “I Want It That Way…” 

And Steve Lowisz was diving headfirst into a brave new world with a radically different recruiting model.  

See, we started this business for a reason. Prior to starting Qualigence, Steve had been trying to fill a few seats as a hiring manager. He hired recruiters to help him with the process, but they only submitted awful candidates that were a world apart from what he was looking for. 

In fact, it seemed like the recruiters weren’t even listening to him – or just didn’t care! Frustrated with paying high fees for an incredibly poor value, he decided to try his own hand at recruiting. Surprisingly, he found he could recruit even better than the so-called professionals he had hired previously.

Steve decided that businesses deserved better from the recruiting industry. This served as the foundation for Qualigence – a recruiting company based on relationships, not transactions and commissions. 

20 years later, we’re still trailblazing new paths forward with next-level talent acquisition and optimization services. From our hourly recruiting model to our use of people analytics to drive workplace performance, we’re always doing things a little differently.

Read more about the Qualigence story and how we’re different here. 


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