Recruiting is a tough and demanding job– which is partly why we’re seeing the number of recruiters in the workforce consistently failing. Some are failing regarding placements, turnover, and more. But despite some significant challenges, why do recruiters stick around? 

There’s always a winning situation

When recruiters find and place a candidate, successfully filling the client’s needs hard work no doubt, but is deeply satisfying. When recruiters find and place a candidate, there are 3 wins:

  • The recruiter found and placed a candidate (rewarding)
  • The client has new talent that fulfills their needs (one step closer to meeting internal goals)
  • The candidate made a new, life-changing career move (awesome)

And it’s all thanks to the recruiter.

The money (even though we never say it out loud)

Now we know it isn’t all about the money, but it is a sweetener. It can definitely be a perk of being a recruiter if you’re in the right spot. If recruiters work for a contingency recruiting firm, the more candidates they place, the more money they make. Meanwhile, those in other industries can struggle to make as much money for a year’s work as recruiters can in a month or two from one placement. Feels pretty good when you think about it that way, right? 😉

Recruiting is vital to the economy

Think of it this way: what you’re doing actually matters! You are the one finding folks jobs and working closely with employers—learning about their wants and needs, business goals, growth, etc. The relationship is intimate and founded on trust. Recruiters should be proud of themselves for their hard work and dedication. 

Recruiters can choose their own market

If you can be trusted, are willing to go the extra mile for your clients and candidates, and if you can deliver quality service in a reasonable amount of time, you can be the one to elevate your career. The knowledge you get on a variety of markets is a valuable benefit of being a recruiter. People in all sorts of industries and walks of life will treat you with respect and seek your advice and counsel. The result is the makeup of a wonderfully rewarding career.

Recruiters can gain new skills

Recruiters have opportunities to interact with management staff in copious amounts of organizations– which is an obvious benefit of being a recruiter. As a result, not only do they get to know them on a personal level and develop long-term connections, but the knowledge they gain can influence the course of their future.

When recruiters work with a diverse lot of people in different organizations, communication skills are a must. The more familiar they become with different clients, the more versed they are in communication styles. So, whether recruiters decide to stay in the industry or try something new, communication is a skill that’ll take them far.

Yes, a job in recruiting may not be easy. I can’t lie and say it’s a walk in the park. But I can say that the perks of being a recruiter outweigh the difficulties. A great job ultimately comes down to the environment you’re in, the money you’re making, professional and personal growth, and how rewarding your work feels, day in and day out.

A job in recruiting checks those boxes. See for yourself.

Qualigence is hiring recruitment consultants

Whether you’re currently a recruiter looking for a change of scenery or are thinking about a career change, we want to talk. Check out our job posting for a recruitment consultant and apply today. We’re always looking for motivated folks with great energy and are hungry to grow and succeed.