Diversity is unarguably a hot-button issue in corporate America.

The latest census results substantially confirm that the ethnic makeup of the U.S. is changing at a rate faster than anyone has anticipated. 

As a vital part of any thriving organization, what must be understood about Diversity is that it goes beyond color. Diversity is centered around understanding and embracing each other’s differences: The where, why, and how of the way people look at things differently. 

Inclusive work teams have a broader base of experience from which to draw when problem-solving. This presence of varying views creates a higher level of critical analysis, increasing creativity, innovation, and revenue. 

Studies have shown time and time again that diverse professional teams produce scores higher than non-diverse teams. 

Forbes recently conducted a study regarding Diversity in which 56% of companies with more than $10 billion in annual revenue strongly agreed that Diversity helps drive innovation. 

Many organizations are beginning to understand how crucial Diversity really is – It’s no coincidence that these organizations are the ones operating at full speed. 

Diverse organizations generate profits and create new products at a greater rate than those who don’t embrace Diversity and Inclusion. These organizations do not fear focusing on differences and have acknowledged that understanding Inclusion is the responsibility of the company. 

According to Forbes, 78% of companies plan to incorporate Diversity initiatives in their overall innovative business goals in the next three years. 

A lack of honest criticism toward Diversity programs is what often causes these initiatives to fail; instead, honest dialogue regarding Diversity is needed to truly understand its importance.