We haven’t totally figured out how to recruit millennials yet– and now we’ve got a new target on the horizon

Welcome to Generation Z, the first generation to never know a day without the internet. Born after 1995, they are characterized as technologically apt, independent, and surprisingly realistic. Who are these internet-obsessed youngsters and how can we tackle the problem of recruiting Generation Z?

From someone born in the middle of this generation and just starting in the corporate world, I see firsthand the complaints about recruiting millennials. For instance, they have no attention span, they’re obsessed with workplace culture, and they aren’t loyal. Though these are just stereotypes, they can end up being real difficulties when recruiters come across candidates with some of these qualities. Millennials may already be in the workforce, but with Gen Z graduating from college and high school right now, it’s time to start figuring them out:

Recruiting Generation Z: Cater to their sense of Self-Sufficiency

The generation with the most instantaneous information at their fingertips tends to prefer independent work. It doesn’t come as a surprise that with this insane amount of connectivity comes a wave of value placed on flexibility and self-sufficiency. It is easier than ever before to work remotely and communicate with others effectively across long distances.

Because of this, younger generations are much more inclined to do work on their own schedule. The increase in communication pathways (social media DM’s, FaceTime, email, texting, etc.) means that they can handle work at virtually any time and place they want. Call it lazy or call it innovative, this can be used to recruiters’ advantage when getting in touch with candidates. There are many more pathways to recruiting Generation Z and more flexibility time-wise. 

Recruiting Generation Z: offer Stability

Most of us were just gaining a sense of the world around us when the economy took a sharp downturn in 2008. Though we were not directly affected, many saw from a young age what it looks like when work and income is not stable or dependable.

As a likely result, 89% of our generation can say they value higher education, and we’ve grown to seek it in multiple forms– be it college, trade school, or online learning. It is the one way we can secure the future we desire early-on. As for recruiting Generation Z, we are generally ambitious and willing to work for what we want– our work ethics just come from different motives and experiences. 

Recruiting Generation Z: Authenticity is key 

Generation Z, unlike their optimistic millennial predecessors, is not so quick to say everything is going to work out fine. As much as we are obsessed with the internet, in a workforce where computers and AI are taking root before our eyes, Gen Zers value the soft skills that differentiate them from technology. This impacts everything from how we work to who we work with.

Recruiters must bear this in mind when they soon begin to contact people born in this generation. Recruiting Generation Z requires a sense of authenticity. We know that many enticing deals are only skin deep (just like profiles on social media). Ask questions, get to know us, and listen. A relaxed and honest attitude will catch our attention more than flashy offers. 

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