Why did we partner with The Predictive Index? 

Here at Qualigence International, we’ve been providing businesses with superior talent acquisition solutions for 20 years. But as of this year, that’s only one element of our business. We’re obviously still providing top-tier talent acquisition solutions, but now we’re going a step further with the help of The Predictive Index.

Earlier this year, we partnered with The Predictive Index to launch our performance solutionsIf you’re unfamiliar with this service and talent optimization, you may be wondering what this is all about!

We put together this quick article to explain talent optimization – and why we partnered with The Predictive Index.

What Is Talent Optimization?

In brief, talent optimization is a system for aligning your people strategy with your business strategy. It’s about using scientifically validated analytics to understand what drives your employee’s behavior – and using that data to build a better business. Talent optimization is a rapidly growing market. In fact, The Predictive Index recently received a $50 million grant to develop the market. 

With data in hand, we can design high-performing teams, find roles that would be better suited for existing employees, and carefully select candidates for an open position. Traditionally, we’ve relied on “gut feel,” resumes, and interviews to make critical people decisions. Talent optimization with The Predictive Index flips that on its head by allowing us to use highly accurate insights from analytical tools to guide our decisions and management processes.

The Predictive Index provides the software and analytics for this system. At Qualigence, we train you how to use it and implement it at your organization.

Below are the three ways our performance solutions benefit our client organizations.

It Improves Your Ability to Define What You Really Require out of a Specific Job

We often get confused about what we require out of a specific role. For example, many hiring managers fall into the trap of thinking they need to hire someone very similar to the last successful person in the role. Another common pitfall is wanting to hire people similar to ourselves. The behavioral assessments from The Predictive Index clear up a lot of the confusion here.

The first step in talent optimization is building a target that focuses on the most important aspects of a job. It’s about defining what we really need out of a particular role to deliver the results we want. If we’re looking to innovate, we might define the role as someone who’s comfortable with risk and uncertainty. If we’re looking to establish business processes, we may define the role as someone with a propensity for formal structure and stability. With the tools from The Predictive Index, we can actually create specific job targets for different roles at the company.

The analytics used here give us additional insights into these questions. They give us clarity on what talent our business truly needs to succeed.

It Improves Your Ability to Select Candidates

With a clear job target in mind, you can examine how well candidates stack up against your needs. The core assessment from The Predictive Index can be completed in just six minutes and consists of two free-choice questions. As such, it can be submitted to candidates for them to complete at their leisure.

Resumes and traditional interviews are very unreliable when it comes to predicting performance. They may give us a feel for whether someone will fit in at the company, but they cannot reliably predict whether someone will succeed long-term. The analytics provided by The Predictive Index allows us to rapidly gain deep insights into whether or not someone will succeed in a given role. It’s a highly effective tool for selecting the right candidates.

It Improves Your Ability to Inspiring and Optimizing Teams

If someone quits or fails after we hire them, then all the money we spent on recruiting is wasted! We spend so much time and effort recruiting high-performing employees…and yet 70% of all hires quit or fail within 18 months.

Our performance solutions are all about understanding the unique drives and needs of your employees. Once you understand what drives someone’s behavior, you can effectively inspire them to deliver next-level performance. We can optimize teams by grouping together individuals that will mesh well with true team chemistry. With our performance solutions, team building is more than an art – it’s a science.

We Solve Talent Problems

Talent optimization may be new to Qualigence, but we see it as a natural extension of what we’ve done all along. Our business has always existed to help companies get the talent they need to succeed – now we’re helping organizations get the right performance out of that talent as well.

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P.S. We will be diving deeper into talent optimization concepts and how you can use people analytics to your advantage in our upcoming webinar. Reserve your spot below:

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