We’re Rebels with a Cause…

If you’re familiar with Qualigence, you know we’re a little different than other recruiting companies.

From operating without commissions to leveraging people analytics, we definitely don’t fit the mold of an agency. Around our office, we often say: “don’t just think outside the box – there is no box!”

Maybe you’ve wondered why we insist on doing things differently. We’re here to give the low down on our modus operandi. We wanted to share our story and give you the scoop on what inspires us to take a totally new approach to recruiting.

A Long Time Ago, in a Suburb Far, Far Away…

Twenty years ago, our CEO & founder Steve Lowisz was trying to fill a few seats as a hiring manager. He hired recruiters to help him with the process, but they only submitted awful candidates that were a world apart from what he was looking for.

In fact, it seemed like the recruiters weren’t even listening to him – or just didn’t care. Frustrated with the poor results he was getting for exorbitant fees, he took matters into his own hands. He made some calls to candidates, took them out for lunch or drinks, and started making placements.

Altogether, he quickly realized he was better at recruiting than the so-called professionals he had hired previously!

The idea for Qualigence started to form. It was a process for recruiting based on relationships, not transactions.

It’s Not the Recruiters…It’s the System

The issue described above was no isolated incident. Before starting Qualigence, Steve had a string of bad experiences with recruiters. He started to see the flaws in the traditional business model. Unfortunately, many of these issues are still prevalent today.

Many recruiters are still working just to cash commission checks. We can hardly blame them – it’s how they put food on the table. But what happens when you get stuck with roles that are extremely hard to fill? What about when the candidates aren’t picking up the phones, and you still need to pay rent next week?

Unfortunately, we believe a commission incentivizes recruiters to focus on quantity over quality. They don’t get paid for making good hires that succeed and stay with a company for years and years. They get paid for placing a lot of candidates, regardless of their performance or whether they quit next week.

All too often, recruiting by commission causes us to lose sight of what’s most important: serving the client with genuine value.

We’re Forging a New Path – Are You With Us?

We know there’s a lot of great recruiters out there working for commissions, but it’s just not for us. We wanted to put the emphasis on helping companies hire the right people for the right roles for the right reasons.

That’s why we bill our recruiting services hourly. You pay us for our time and our expertise, and clients can start or stop service at any time. As such, we have to re-earn the right to do business with our clients on a daily basis.

If clients are happy with our services, they’ll continue to use them – but there’s no incentive for our recruiters to rush placements or oversell candidates. Unlike other companies, we’ll never sugarcoat our concerns over a candidate.

Being Different is in Our DNA

Operating without commissions is only part of what makes us different. In addition to helping organizations hire the right people, we are committed to helping them drive next-level performance through talent optimization. In a nutshell, we use people analytics to gain deep insights on the unique drives and needs of your team.

We then teach you how to use this data to inspire your team members to go above and beyond. It’s about figuring out what drives people, discovering what makes them tick, and using that to inspire them to succeed.

We’ll Never Be an Agency

Agencies had their chance. They’ve been the fat cat bigwigs of the recruiting industry for decades now – and people have almost totally lost faith in recruiters as a result. It’s high time someone changed the game, and we’re stepping up to the plate to do just that.

We’re on a mission to redefine the recruiting industry – are you in?

The right people, empowered to perform.