Crafting your company’s culture into something tangible is no easy task.

You might know exactly the values and ethics that are at the foundation of every decision made, but turning it into something you’re proud to hand out on the first day to employees will take time.

Catherine Spence, co-founder of Pomello, suggests to really dig deep and find the authentic stuff, you swap the idea of an “employee handbook” and consider a “culture book”.

She suggests to unplug from the grind of the office and take time to find a space off site and answer the following question:


What is your company mission?

“The cornerstone of your culture is your mission

- Catherine Spence

Your company values can be looked at as the DNA of your culture. When determining exactly what they are, ask yourself if the values you have in mind are both durable and actionable. For example: if honesty and transparency are at the foundation of all communications in your company, ask yourself if a regular “all hands” meeting should be marked in everyone’s calendar. Or, a consistent peer review, with any and all members of your team.

Your company mission and vision should be the end goal that everyone in your organization is striving for. It needs to be unanimously agreed upon. Everyone from your interns to your SVPs must share this mission that ties harmoniously with your company values.

 These actions are structured efforts to keep communication open and clear, and if implemented from the top down in an organization as the standard, they will become a given part of culture.

What are some of your organization’s actionable values? How do you bring them to life with your company culture?