We already offer hourly recruiting and recruiting research. It was only a matter of time before we developed a specialized candidate sourcing team.

Why sourcing as a service? 🤔

You might be thinking: why would I work with a third party to source candidates? My recruiting team does their own sourcing.

Well, that right there is exactly why you should outsource your sourcing efforts.

A third-party sourcing team spares recruiters the time it takes to generate names of folks who are interested, qualified, and overall worth their while. One of the most tedious tasks of professional recruiters’ career is the procurement of quality candidates. This is especially true when they’re hunting for niche roles.

Even the most seasoned recruiters aren’t experts in every aspect of the recruiting cycle. They have their strengths and can otherwise fill in the gaps when duty calls.

The good news is that we’ll gladly do it all for you.

Here’s what candidate sourcing is all about 🔍

We combine our extensive talent pool with yours to extend your reach and build strong candidate pipelines.

We use the latest technology, research processes, and data analysis to source interested and qualified candidates—both active and passive.

Our hourly sourcing model decreases placement fees and gives you more wiggle room in your budget.

Sourcing analysts are cross-trained as recruiters. So, when they manage initial candidate outreach, pre-screen candidates, and generate hype for your open roles, you can trust what they deliver.

The candidate profiles we compile not only help build strong candidate pipelines but free up time to make more quality placements.