We all know that recruiters are responsible for helping companies recruit top talent.

However, every company has different expectations for their recruiters. At some businesses, recruiters are tasked with making a high volume of calls throughout the day. At other firms, recruiters may be expected to spend more time consulting hiring managers.

Let’s take a minute to really dig deep into our expectations and job duties for recruiters.

Why do we really hire recruiters? What unique skills do they bring to the table, and how do we capitalize on them?

In a nutshell, how can we ensure recruiters make a real impact at our organization?

I’ll give you a hint…make sure they’re not wasting too much time sourcing candidates!

Sourcing is Taking More Time Than Ever

Sourcing candidates is a vital part of the recruiting process – but it’s not what our recruiters should be spending all their time on.

As the competition for top talent tightens, recruiters are spending more and more of their time on this process. According to a recent report from Entelo, recruiters spend as much as 13 hours every week sourcing candidates for a single role. Even more concerning, 33% of recruiters spend over 20 hours every week on this process.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t hire recruiters so that they can scour LinkedIn or dig through candidate databases. We hire recruiters for their expert ability to engage with candidates and encourage them to apply, not for their ability to simply find candidates worth talking to.

Engaging with Top Talent Takes Time

At the end of the day, recruiting is all about relationships. The best recruiters are the ones who take the time to build authentic relationships with clients and candidates alike. Although it may not look like much on paper, that’s unfortunately a large time sink. It takes time to stay in contact with the client, while landing in-demand candidates often requires multiple calls throughout the week.

If we want to hire the best candidates, it’s not enough to leave them a voicemail and hope for the best. We can’t rush our conversations with these professionals – we must spend some time to learn about what they’re looking for in a career, learn about their background, and carefully earn their trust.

But if our recruiters are falling behind because sourcing took up half their work week, they’ll never be able to make this happen. They’ll be too rushed and under pressure to have these conversations and ultimately make the best placements possible.

More and More Companies Are Turning to Third Party Sourcing Solutions

If your recruiting team is consistently falling behind or struggling with a busy period, you may want to look into third-party sourcing services. More and more companies are streamlining their recruiting process by working with a partner to establish a stronger talent pipeline.

Here at Qualigence, our sourcing team exclusively focuses on this part of the recruiting process. As a result, they have the process down to a science. Our sourcers can locate and qualify candidates incredibly efficiently as well as confirm their interest in the open position. In a nutshell, they enable your recruiting team to hit the ground running. That means spending more time vetting candidates and building relationships that lead to great placements.

New Challenges Require New Solutions

Recruiters have spent the last 18 months dealing with a historic labor shortage. Combined with the skills gap and generational shifts, the talent market is posing new challenges to recruiters every day. If recruiters want to succeed and bring value to their organizations, they need to consider new solutions to these problems.

If you’re ready to explore new methods for talent sourcing, click on the button below. It’s your chance to make a greater impact at your organization!